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World War II. Stalingrad 1942-1943

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  • The «Stalingrad» game is based on the events that took place in 1942-1943, when Soviet troops defended Stalingrad from Germans. The battle of Stalingrad raged for several months and was the largest battle in the entire history of warfare. Defeat of the German army in this battle became a turning point of World War II.

    Exciting rules of the «World War II» game are based on unique mechanics of simultaneous play. Both players issue orders to their troops, then the orders are simultaneously carried out, so when you give orders you don’t know what your opponent is going to do. The rules allow the player numerous options and are still relatively easy to learn. The opposing armies are represented by highly detailed and historically accurate miniatures. New scenarios are based on historical events and will allow you to demonstrate your tactical abilities.

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