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Abrams A1M1 U.S. Main Battle Tank

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  • 1/100 Scale Model Kit

    Suitable for use with Hot War

    One of the heaviest tanks ever manufactured (at more than 60 metric tons), the Abrams M1A1 tank offers superior protection and firepower, but with very high fuel consumption rates.

    Placed in the field starting in 1985, the M1A1 sports a 120mm smoothbore gun with an advanced, computer-controlled targeting system that allows the crew to fire while the tank is moving. Three machineguns supply ample anti-infantry firepower as well.

    Crew survivability is enhanced thanks to the tank’s depleted uranium armor and special bulkheads that separate the crew from the ammunition and fuel supplies.

    This model is supplied unpainted. Some assembly required.

    Learn more about Hot War here: http://www.hotwar1990.com

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