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Soviet armored boat project 1125

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  • Soviet “Project 1125” Armored Boat

    1/100 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with the Art of Tactic

    This kit includes one plastic model Soviet armored river boat.

    Model supplied unpainted. Assembly required. This “snap fit” model can be assembled without glue.

    Includes unit flag for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game.

    Historical Notes

    In 1934, the Gorky assembly plant received orders to produce a line of armored river boats: Projects 1124 and 1125. Over the next ten years, more than 100 of these boats would be built, featuring a variety of weapons. Most boats were equipped with modified tank turrets, such as the 76mm gun from the T-28. Thanks to their extremely shallow draft, they could navigate any major waterway in the western Soviet Union. These patrol boats proved a difficult challenge to the Axis invaders, in particular along the Danube River.

    These boats were powered by a pair of 800 horsepower engines, giving them a top speed of about 19 knots. They were protected by as much as 20mm of armor and were armed with multiple weapon turrets. This version of a Project 1125 boat has a T-28 tank turret, a smaller machine gun turret, and a multiple rocket launcher mounted in the rear of the boat.

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