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    Since middle of WWII Germany had a shortage of metal, therefore a series of simplifi cations were introduced since 1943 in the manufacturing process of vehicles. These resulted in a design change of the 4,5t heavy truck: front fenders made from simple metal sheets, cabin was made from plywood o…
  • 7275 Sukhoi Su-50 (T-50)
    7275 Sukhoi Su-50 (T-50)
    Su-50 (T-50) is Russias fifth-generation multirole fighter. It is expected to replace fighters Su-27 and MiG-29 in Russian Air Force. The aircraft is built with the requirements of low radar visibility, and is able to reach supersonic speed without afterburner. For this reason, all weapons are loca…
  • 8082 Russian Infantry of World War I
    8082 Russian Infantry of World War I
    In the era of fire-arms the infantry was called “Queen of Battle”. Such name is most suitable for the Russian infantry. Large in number and steady in fighting , this infantry allowed the Russian army to repulse attacks of German troops superior in weapons and equipment and defeat units …
  • World War II. Barbarossa 1941.
    World War II. Barbarossa 1941.
    Military–historic board game: World War II - Operation Barbarossa 1941. The most dynamic strategic game of all the ages. No need to wait till the opponent plays! You act simultaneously!         Simple and exciting rules; - unique landscape; - realistic troops…
  • The launch of new website
    The launch of new website
    We launched a new website - http://art-of-tactic.com/  - The "Art of Tactic. World War II, Summer 1941."
  • 5002 German heavy tank T-VI “TIGER
    5002 German heavy tank T-VI “TIGER
    A new tank with no-glue assembling of “My first assembly model” series had been released for sale. This is a new German heavy tank T-VI “TIGER” M: 1/72 in the addition to the already available T-34 tank. There’re 63 parts in a kit, 4 sprues and 1 decal. Ready tank i…
  • 7293 Mi-24V
    7293 Mi-24V

    7293 Mi-24V


    Production of the combat helicopter Mi-24V started in 1976. This version was equipped with the  radically new antitank missile system “Shturm-V” with guidance system “Raduga-Sh”, capable of striking targets with the highest accuracy – more than 92%.  In other…
  •  Su-27 UB -The Russian Knights Aerobatic team
     Su-27 UB -The Russian Knights Aerobatic team
    In May 1989, the 1st squadron of the Kubinka Centre (later the 237th composite air regiment), located near Moscow, received Su-27 fighters. Early in 1991, the six-aircraft aerobatics team was set up. “The Russian Knights” is one of the few aerobatic team in the world flying in heavy fig…

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