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  • Russian Supersonic Strategic Bomber Tu-160
    Russian Supersonic Strategic Bomber Tu-160
    7002 Russian Supersonic Strategic Bomber Tu-160 Strategic bomber Tu-160 can strike any object on Earth with nuclear and conventional weapon. The first flight of Tu-160, an aircraft with complete set of equipment for series bomber, took place October 6, 1984. The variable sweep wing makes Tu-160 cap…
  • New items are already on sale!
    New items are already on sale!
    New items are already on sale! Look for the news in the sections accordingly. 1.3584 " Soviet machine-guns with Crew WWII" (Section "Military WWII 1/35") 2.8035 "Saxon Cuirassiers 1810-1814" (Section "Miniatures 1/72") 3.9026 Battleship " KNYAZ SUVOROV" (Section "Ships")
  • New page “Workshop” is open.
    New page “Workshop” is open.
    Dear Friends, You are welcome to visit the page "Workshop".
  • Exhibition in Moscow.
    Exhibition in Moscow.
    October 18-21 the company "Zvezda" participated in an exhibition " WORLD of CHILDHOOD - 2005 " in Moscow. We successfully presented new production and have found the new partners.
  • Your are welcome to visit our booth in Essen!
    Your are welcome to visit our booth in Essen!
    Your are welcome to visit our booth in Essen!Zvezda JSC takes part in the Fair "Spiel/Comic action' 05" in Essen on Oct.13 -16. Our booth is 6-87 in Hall 6. Your are welcome to visit our booth to have a look at our products in the field of wargames and miniatures 1/72. You'll get there all necessa…
    The Ka-50SH combat helicopter is a modernized version of the ka-50 Black Shark. The Ka-50SH features the new Samshit-50T thermal imaging system which provides a greatly enhanced target search, detection, and tracking capability combined with target destruction using laser guided missiles. The Ka-50…
  • Orcs Siege Saurus
    Orcs Siege Saurus
    Orcs Siege Saurus. If the words sword, magic and fantasy thrill you, then welcome to the Ring of Rule world. The kit consists of pieces for assembling the Orcs Siege Saurus in the classic fantasy scale of 28 mm. You can choose one of numerous assemblage types to make them unique. …Orcs began st…
  • Knyaz Suvorov
    Knyaz Suvorov

    Knyaz Suvorov


    Knyaz Suvorov. The battleship „Knyaz Suvorov“ was laid down on September 8th 1901 in Saint Petersburg. Commissioned as part of the 2nd Pacific fleet it participated briefly in the famous Tsushima battle in May 1905. The battleship was the flagship of and commanded by vice admiral Z.P.Rozhestvensky…
  • Soviet nuclear-power submarine K-19.
    Soviet nuclear-power submarine K-19.
    Soviet nuclear-power submarine K-19 K-19 became the first Soviet nuclear-power submarine. It was an excellent submarine ship by its performance characteristics. During the first combat patrolling of the ship the serious breakdown in the reactor tank occurred on its board. It took place in the North…
  •  GAZ-AA Soviet Light Truck WWII
     GAZ-AA Soviet Light Truck WWII
    "GAZ-AA" Soviet Light Truck WWII. On 29th January 1932 the first GAZ-AA truck was manufactured. This truck would finish the war as the most mass produced in the world. This 1.5 ton capacity truck was affectionately nick named “Polutorka” (“Poltora” meaning one and a half in Russian). This truck…

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