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  • Carthaginian Infantry (8010)
    Carthaginian Infantry (8010)
    The infantry consisted of Libyan-Phoenicians, people, moulded as a result of Libyan land colonization by Phoenicians, was the basis of Carthaginian army. Libyan-Phoenician infantry was armed after the Hellenistic pattern. The heavy infantry wore muscular cuirasses, chain armors, helmets of Greek He…
  • New photos in the "Workshop" ...
    New photos in the "Workshop" ...
    Several new photos were put into the "Workshop" Su-32FN ( 7243), Mi-8t ( 7230),Ka-29 ( 7221), Mi-24D ( 7213) by Roman Zelinsky, Moscow, Russia.
  • New Age of Battles Game.
    New Age of Battles Game.
    The game allows playing the episodes of the battles having become the plot base of many films and books about the medieval Japan. In the second half of the 16th century on the Kawanakadjima plain two armies under the leadership of two famous Japanese commanders, Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, e…
  • New soldiers.
    New soldiers.

    New soldiers.


    The strelets were the main forces of the Russian army up to the reforms of Peter the First. Strelets took part in all Russian military campaigns from XVI-XVIII century, and proved their superiority over the enemy while capturing Kazan, during the Livonian war, Asov campaigns, the war with Poland an…
  • Red Army infantry
    Red Army infantry
    3526 Red Army Infantry (1940-42) (англ) Kit of seven infantry soldiers and a Red Army commander in combat dress of the first period of the Second World War. The soldiers are armed with rifles of different types used during that period, Degtyarev light machine gun and Maxim mounted machine gun…
  • New soldiers.
    New soldiers.

    New soldiers.


    3585 German halftrack crew This halftrack crew is designed for the German Hanomag armored personnel carrier (3572) used during World war Two. 4 figures in box.
  • 8028 "French foot artillery 1810 - 1815" set is on sale now !
    8028 "French foot artillery 1810 - 1815" set is on sale now !
    The French artillery was considered to be the best artillery of the epoch of the Napoleonic wars. In battle the numerous infantry regiments required a fire support, provided by the foot artillery which was widely used at that time. In the Great Napoleonic army each infantry division was usually str…
  • New ship!
    New ship!

    New ship!


    The "Oriol" was one of the most powerful and perfect ships at the start of the 20th century. The ship's armament consisted of four 305-mm guns, twelve 152-mm guns and more than forty 47-75-mm guns. In the course of preparation for the Far East campaign, the "Oriol" was equipped with optic sights fo…
  • First civil plane from Zvezda!
    First civil plane from Zvezda!
    7001 Il-86 The Ilyushin Il-86 is the first and most important Russian wide-body passenger aircraft in serial production. The Ilyushin design office started developing the Il-86 in the beginning of the 70s. The first flight of a prototype aircraft took place at the end of 1976. The Il-86 has been …
  • Elves Cavalry is on the market !
    Elves Cavalry is on the market !
    Happy to say that "Elves Cavalry" is on the market !

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