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  • 8051 Egyptian Infantry
    8051 Egyptian Infantry
    A set of Egyptian warriors of the Old Kingdom period represented by spearmen, archers and light infantrymen. The army of "Kemet" (the ancient Egyptians gave their country this name) guarded the boarders of the greatest Ancient Empire against nomadic people and bellicose neighbours-Hattians and Assy…
  • 4801	La-5 FN Soviet Fighter
    4801	La-5 FN Soviet Fighter
    The La-5FN is one of the best single-engine planes of the 2nd World War. When encountering La-5FNs enemy pilots were advised “not to loose their speed to avoid a long air fight”. On 6 of July 1943 in the Kursk Duga battle the Soviet ace Alexander Gorovets went into battle with enemy bombers on his …
  • 8210 Hannibal
    8210 Hannibal

    8210 Hannibal


    In 219 BC Hannibal, commander-in-chief of the Carthaginian Army, laid siege to Sagurtum - Iberian city allied with Rome, which eventually led to the Roman-Carthaginian war (the Second Punic War).
  • 8046Vikings



    Vikings denote ship-born warriors who originated in Scandinavia and from the late 8th century raided the coastal lands of Europe and founded there their settlements. Owing to the Norsemen`s expansion during the period from the 8th to 11th century is referred to by historians as the Viking Age. The …
  • 3617 BA-10 Soviet Armored Car
    3617 BA-10 Soviet Armored Car
    The production of the BA-10 armored car started in 1938. The BA-10 was manufactured on the basis of GAZ-AAA three-axle truck. The body consisted of rolled armor plates. The rear hull was equipped with a turret with 45-mm gun paired with 7.62 –mm machinegun. 7.62 –mm DT machinegun was mounted next t…
  • 8049 Russian Infantry of Peter I, The Great
    8049 Russian Infantry of Peter I, The Great
    A set of Russian Army infantrymen of Peter I, the Great period. A new Russian army was being recruited over many years of the Great Northern War. The Russian soldier was armed with a fusil. For those times fusils were the best weapons, later they were equipped with modernized bayonets for hand-to-h…
  • The Numidian cavalry
    The Numidian cavalry
    The Numidian tribes lived in North Africa and bordering on Carthage, made raids upon its territory from time to time if only the city hadn’t paid them off beforehand. The lifestyle of nomadic shepherds and cattle herders made the Numidians skillful horsemen. The Numidians were noted for their amazi…
  • Carthagenian Ship
    Carthagenian Ship
    The combination of Phoenician and Greek shipbuilding traditions and use of catapult machines directly on board a ship made these ships so valuable that they ruled the oceans during three Punic wars. Later it was copied - practically without any changes - by the Romans and was successfully used by…
  • French Voltigeurs. Elite infantry
    French Voltigeurs. Elite infantry
    Voltigeurs were introduced as the companies meant for skirmishing in battle. It is companies that became the "light infantry", which had always been in the vanguard and in the line of skirmishers. The introduction of voltigeurs can also be explained by the fact that Napoleon wanted to encourage bra…
  • Junkers Ju-88G6
    Junkers Ju-88G6

    Junkers Ju-88G6


    Ju-88 G6 modification was a further development of the heavy night fighter based on the Ju-88 bomber. The fighter, which was equipped with the advanced electronic equipment for target search and powerful armament which consisted of "Schraege Musik", МG 151/20 guns and МG 131 machine gun, left littl…

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