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  • Soviet car GAZ M1
    Soviet car GAZ M1
    Detailed line up. Already I rolled out and ready to decorate your collection of legendary Soviet cars GAZ M1, better known as "Emka". It was the most massive Soviet car, produced in the XX century at the Gorky Automobile Plant from 1936 to 1943.Our designers have disassembled rare car to the last …
  • French line infantr. Command group 1812-1815
    French line infantr. Command group 1812-1815
    French line infantry is the largest by the number of regiments and traveled battles. It was she who was in the vanguard and rear guard, stormed the fortified enemy positions, participated in the siege works, defended the city and the fortress. Vela this brave infantry command group. These brave com…
  • King Tiger Ausf. B (Henschel turret)
    King Tiger Ausf. B (Henschel turret)
    Tank, surpassed expectations. We present you a new model in the 1/35 scale "King Tiger with Henschel tower" - the hardest and most powerful tank of the WWII. "King Tiger" was a new type of tank, but retains much of the basic characteristics of German tanks: the power plant is still housed behind, …
  • Come Join Us at Historicon!
    Come Join Us at Historicon!
    Come Join Us at Historicon! Once again our crack team of event specialists will be running a bunch of exciting events at this year’s Historicon! Space is limited, so make sure you reserve your place… Wednesday 8pm: Drive on Stalingrad - featuring Art of Tactic World War II Thursday …
  • Russian line infantry. Command group.
    Russian line infantry. Command group.
    We are happy to introduce our new model kit! During the War of 1812 the main combat power of the Russian army was line infantry. But Command Group organized and bravely led soldiers into battle. Helped also by him in this difficult task bearer and musician.Each figure from this set is made accordi…
  • Civil airliner Airbus A-321
    Civil airliner Airbus A-321
    Rate the perfection of details and the unique level of quality ULTIMATE KIT! Ultimate kit is a new word in the world of modeling. Models marked with this symbol represent the Acme of engineering and technical excellence. Build our new model of the Airbus A-321, will be a truly comfortable and fun …
  • 2 New Model Kits
    2 New Model Kits
    We are happy to announce the upcoming release of 2 new models kits for all adventure and war-game lovers! You will be able to add 2 new units (in 1:72) to your Soviet and German armies to the WWII battlefield: 1) Soviet Air Fource Ground Crew; 2) German Air Gource Ground Crew.
  • Armada Invincible Nominated for 2015 Origins Awards!
    Armada Invincible Nominated for 2015 Origins Awards!
    We are delighted to be able to announce that our golden age of sail battle game Armada Invincible has just been nominated as a “Best New Historical Board Game” for the 2015 Origins Awards! We couldn’t be more honored or exited that the Academy of Adventure Games and Design has ch…
  • Soviet Battleship
    Soviet Battleship
    This Baltic Fleet battleship carried the name Marat from 1921 to 1943. It was commissioned in 1914 under the name Petropavlovsk and became the third dreadnought of the Gangut-class. Our model represents the battleship after reconstruction of 1928-1931. Marat supported the land forces during the…
  • Russian fire support vehicle “Terminator”
    Russian fire support vehicle “Terminator”
    We are happy to introduce our latest model kit – Russian fire support vehicle “Terminator”!

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